JOHN GORVEATTE I lead pastor

Originally from Caledonia, MI, John graduated from Kingswood University (New Brunswick, Canada) with a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry. His desire is to unleash every person to live out his/her God-given calling in making disciples. He is married to his beautiful (extremely gracious) wife, Lindsey. John enjoys teaching the Bible, running trails, all things Boston Celtics and pools he doesn’t have to maintain.



BRENDON ENDERS | worship/student pastor

Brendon joined the team in August of 2016 and serves as the leader of student and worship ministries at The Center. While originally from Muskegon, he graduated from Kuyper College in Grand Rapids and holds a degree in Pre-Seminary Studies. Brendon is passionate about helping people develop their God-given gifts and abilities in order to further the Kingdom of God and to serve the church. He also cares deeply about discipleship and helping young people to grow stronger in their relationship with Jesus. Among Brendon’s other passions are sports (particularly soccer and football - Go Blue!), video games, theology, weight lifting, podcasts, indy rock-n-roll, and late night Taco-Bell runs.


Headshot Anja Burns copy.png

ANJA BURNS | administrative assistant

Anja joined the team in the Fall of 2018 and serves as the administrative assistant at The Center Church.

She was born and raised in Germany, but decided to move across the ocean to Michigan in 1997, joined by her husband Dennis and three (now grown) children. Anja finds joy in sharing God's love with those around her, and is passionate about making prayer a priority in her life.

She loves family time and adores her three grand-kids (and counting!), walks on the beach, and being creative.